I’m just want everyone to know I am pretty much 100% sure I won’t be coming back to this account.

I occasionally look at captivity debates and all they’ve done is gotten worse. Same repetitive subjects, new, very rude and condescending users, all that stuff.

Only reason I’m not deleting this account is so someone doesn’t take the exact same name and pretend to be me. Because you know, people in this community are so rude that that has actually happened before.

I’ll probably check this account like 2 more times, so if you want my new account, message me. If not, guess this is goodbye.


Alright, so here’s the deal.

I made a new blog.  I’m not done perfecting it yet but I’ll be done with it soon.  I will not be talking about captivity on it.  If I do it won’t be tagged and it won’t be very often.  If you’re interested in following my new blog despite that, send me an ask and I’ll tell you my new username.  

I might come back to this blog eventually for cetacean related things, but if that’s the case it won’t be for a long time.  I am really annoyed by all of the conversations on here.  People are really immature and the topics are repetitive.  I’m also tired of people thinking they know everything there is about me by reading 3 conversations I’ve ever had, even though they’ve never directly spoken to me.  Seriously, some of you really need to grow up and stop with the assumptions.

So this is bye for now.  See yaaaaaaa